Rangely Gardens Rules and Regulations


​Rangely Community Gardens (The Gardens) is dedicated to maintaining an organic/natural community garden that provides education and beautification to the community and supplies food for its members and the community; especially the poor and elderly. The Gardens members maintain the grounds at the garden, working in a spirit of cooperation and fellowship. Our goal is to offer a safe and attractive environment to people desiring a place to grow edible produce and/or flowers. The Gardens is for the use of its members and their households. Visitors are allowed into The Gardens during open hours, The Gardens community events, or by invitation from Committee or Garden Members.

These Rules and Regulations are intended to ensure the maintenance of a neat and productive garden area and assure a pleasant environment for all persons in The Gardens.


​The Gardens is a non-profit charitable organization and is located at 910 E. Rangely Ave., Rangely, CO 81648 with mailing address of PO BOX 224, Rangely CO 81648. The Gardens comprises 19 individual parcels, measuring 240 sq.ft. – 740 sq.ft., on approximately one acre of land surrounded by wildlife fencing from the adjacent open space and private property on land owned by the Town of Rangely.

​The Gardens operates on the organic/natural method of gardening. The use of inorganic pesticides, chemical fertilizers, inorganic rodenticides or inorganic herbicide is not permitted. Only organic or biological pesticides, beneficial insects, and organic/natural cultural practices are allowed for the control of garden pests. Parcel leasers are also required to use approved organic/natural gardening, watering and soil conservation methods. Use of non-organic or unnatural materials can result in termination of gardening privileges. Exception – use of plastic weed matt is accepted and encouraged for trail way and larger garden areas.

​Unpaid volunteers elected from the membership of The Gardens form The Gardens Steering Committee that governs the organization. A Garden Manager handles and manages daily operations of The Gardens as a paid or non-paid position as determined by The Committee.

Eligibility and Parcel Assignment

​ A member-gardener is a person who is assigned a parcel and actively gardens within the Rules and Regulations of The Gardens.

A member-gardener must be current in The Gardens fees.

​Parcels will be assigned by a designated Committee member. Parcel assignments can be changed upon request, providing the desired parcel is not occupied. Should a change in parcels be requested, the gardener must clear his/her present parcel of all vegetation and debris before the change can take place. 

​As The Gardens is organized for the benefit of residents of the Town of Rangely, they will have priority on assignment of parcels. A person who is not a resident of the Town of Rangely may apply but will not be assigned a parcel until all requesting Town of Rangely residents have received their assignments. Once assigned a parcel, a non-resident will retain its use as long as he/she abides by the Rules and Regulations, and fees are current. Residency will be confirmed by a current utility bill.

 School classes or special interest groups located within Town of Rangely may also register as a group. For each group a representative must be assigned to oversee and coordinate work on a parcel.

​For purposes of this document, a residence is defined as a structure in which people live and is differentiated from other such structures by having a different mailing address. Only one parcel will be assigned per Town of Rangely residence until each applying residence has been assigned a parcel. At that time, a Town of Rangely residence may apply for an additional parcel. When all Town of Rangely residence applicants have been satisfied, non-residents of the Town of Rangely applicants will be assigned. As The Gardens accept groups to take part in the Garden, assignment of their parcels will not be included in this assignment process.

​Parcels are assigned to a person and cannot be transferred to, sublet to, or exchanged with another person, including relatives.

​Parcels can be shared between two residences if desired by the “head of parcel” member. The head of parcel member is responsible for coordinating payment of annual fees and community work hours for the entire parcel. If the head of parcel member cannot find a co-gardener of their choice within 30 days, he/she must obtain a co-gardener from the parcel waiting list. Co-gardeners must meet the same eligibility requirements as all other gardeners. 

Anyone 18 years of age or older may register for one or more parcels. 

Date Approved by Steering Committee: 11/14/2012
(includes "General Rules and Regulations)

Amended: 2/10/2014

General Rules and Regulations

Hours at The Gardens are from sunrise to sunset. 

I, or members of my household, will maintain my parcel. 

  • Be aware of and abide by the Rules and Regulations of The Gardens.
  • Be aware of water used at The Gardens is RAW water from the river; be watchful of children and pets that they DO NOT drink the water. 
  • Read, understand and sign The Gardens Release form, as will all adult household members and guests who will be present at The Gardens
  • Observe good conduct and civil behavior at all times.
  • Directly supervise and be responsible for any children in my care while in The Gardens and keep them with me at all times. 
  • Be responsible for my guests following the Rules and Regulations of The Gardens and for their actions. I understand no disruptive behavior that will affect other members or residents in the neighborhood will be tolerated. This includes radios (individual entertainment devices using earphones excluded), racing of car engines, vulgar language, raised voices etc. 
  • Notify The Gardens President or other Committee Member if I am unable to maintain my parcel.
  • Be given combinations for locks in use at The Gardens. I will not disclose the combinations to non-members of The Gardens unless others are working in it.
  • Arrange for someone to take care of my parcel if I am ill or on vacation, notifying The Gardens President or other Committee Member, as to who that person is. I understand The Gardens is not responsible for the upkeep of my parcel.
  • Clean and return Garden-owned tools to their proper place in the storage shed when I am done with them.
  • Keep The Committee notified of my current address, telephone number and email. Any correspondence mailed to the current address or email address on file is considered delivered.
  • Sign a Rangely Community Gardens contract agreeing to abide by the current By-laws, Rules and Regulations.
  • Smoke cigarettes, cigars, vape and/or e pins.
  • Drink Alcoholic beverages or use illegal drugs in The Gardens.
  • Plant marijuana or other plants that are illegal by state and/or federal laws.
  • Bring Any animal into The Gardens. (**Only exception would be a certified service dog, which would have to stay with you at ALL TIMES, as well you would be responsible for cleaning up after them and you will have to provide certification yearly,**)
  • Deface or destroy any property, buildings, fences or signs in The Gardens.  
  • Leave any personal furniture at The Gardens when I am not present. 
  • Sell or use my garden produce for profit. I affirm that my produce is intended for home use. 
  • Threaten or harass The Committee, any other Gardens member or his/her guest. 
  • Remove anything but my own produce and flowers from my own assigned parcel. I understand that harvesting or removing anything from another garden parcel without permission is stealing and will result in the permanent loss of my membership. 

Community Service

​Each parcel will provide a minimum of to two hours per month as needed to the maintenance of common garden areas or assigned crops to maintain. This work will be done by the gardeners themselves, or by members of their household, or by other The Gardens members who volunteer to donate community service hours to them. Gardeners may not pay others to perform this work. Gardeners may not pay The Gardens to replace their community hours.

​Regular work days will be scheduled as needed. Service performed on work days will be applied toward the member's monthly service requirement.

​It is the responsibility of the head of parcel gardener to make sure that the required community service is completed for a shared parcel.

​The Gardens Committee is exempt from community service in consideration for the services they provide to The Gardens. So Team Leaders will be established and the teams will complete work as assigned by the Committee. A Committee Member will be assigned to each team and may choose to work with the team, but it is the responsibility of the Team Leader and Team to complete the work. 

  • ​Keep the paths adjacent to my parcel at their original widths and free of weeds at all times. Use of landscaping fiber, wood chips, weed free grass, or mulch may be used to keep weeds down.
  • Keep my crop trimmed out of all pathways. I understand that if any plants extend into the pathway they may be cut back.    
Water and Irrigation

  • ​Conserve water at all times.
  • Turn off the water completely when finished.
  • Report problems with the water to The Gardens Manager or a committee member.
  • Test my irrigation systems weekly to insure there is no overwatering or leakage. 
  • Maintain my irrigation system; clean out screens weekly or remove screens from sprinklers and hoses.
  • Turn off the water to my parcel when a leak occurs in my watering system. 
  • Make timely repairs, usually within 48 hours of when a problem is reported, if the problem affects the common areas or other parcels. I understand that if I fail to do so, The Committee will obtain the services of a professional to repair the problem at my expense.
  • ​Drink the water and ensure children or guests I am responsible for do not drink the water.
  • Over-water my garden. Over-watering will result in a violation.
  • Allow my sprinklers to spray outside my parcel. 
  • Turn off water valves to other parcels but my own.

  • Keep the house aligned neatly along the edge of garden parcels and off trails/walkways as much as possible or coiled up in a neat manner when not in use. 
  • Take care to straighten all kinks while coiling the hose.
  • Check screens in sprinklers and hoses; it works best if you do not use screens unless setting up soaker hoses and drip systems. Clean out screens weekly for best results.
  • Report problems with hoses to The Gardens President or any Committee member.
  • I WILL NOT cut or damage any hose. 

Trash and Gardens Waste; there is no trash service to The Gardens

​I Will
  • Put trash in the appropriate containers. The gardener that fills the container will haul trash to The Gardens trash receptacle outside of the garden area and will make sure the chain is put back in place across the top of the lids and locked. 
  • Remove from The Gardens any trash or garden debris that does not fit in one of the Garden's trash containers. Garden debris can be hauled to the Town's mulch and burn piles. 
  • Bring or dump trash from home or from outside The Gardens.
  • Store excess/unused tomato cages, trellises and/or stakes in my parcel or leave them in the common areas of The Gardens. 
  Garden Parcels

Parcels measure 240 sq. feet, 320 sq. feet, 520 sq. feet, and 740 sq. feet. Each parcel under one gardener’s care will carry the same responsibilities, including financial. Assignments of parcels are based on first come- first serve basis​ I WILL 
  • Keep my garden parcel at least 75% planted between June 15th and September 15th. 
  • Keep my parcel free of weeds and dead plants when lying fallow.
  • Keep my parcel free of Bermuda grass, morning glory and all other weeds. 
  • Plant all plants in the ground. 
  • Plant crops that grow over four feet in height in the center of my parcel.
  • Keep my garden parcel free of overripe, rotting and spoiled fruit and vegetables.
  • Use only metal fencing around the parcel or other fencing that has been approved by The Committee.
  • Refrain from taking plants or planting a cover crop, unless specifically approved by The Committee. 
  • Use pressure treated wood in my parcel. 
  • Construct a fence in excess of 48 inches in height from path level around the parcel, including vegetable fences. 
  • Allow the soil height to exceed the boundary board on my parcel. 
  • Have trellises, supports or cages that exceed five feet in height and will not let them shade neighboring parcels. 
  • Construct any shade structures or greenhouses or use black shade cloth as a fencing material. 
  • Use synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or rodenticides. If i have a question on what is considered organic/natural, I shall check with The Committee.
  • Let plants over four feet in height shade my neighbors parcel. 
  • Leave any dead plants in my parcel. 
  • I will not plant any illegal or poisonous plants, plants that spread through underground runners, canes or other such means, or any plants deemed by The Committee to unsuitable, some of which are:

Castor bean Sorghum
Chaote squash Sugar cane
4 O'clock (the flower) Wisteria

Any perennial over 4 feet tall, except for one five-foot tall vine.

Rose types that spread through underground runners.

One vine type plant (i.e. grapevine) may be grown in the center of the parcel with vines extending east-west. The grapevine must be properly maintained and no more than five feet tall.
  • No paint, stain or varnish or other finishing product shall be applied to any permanent fixture in a parcel, including fences, gates and dividers.
  • If I am in doubt as to whether a specific plant is allowed or have a question, I will ask The Gardens Manager or one of the Committee members. 


Every gardener is expected to keep his or her own parcel orderly and attractive.

No discrimination will be allowed based on race, religion, ethnic or national origin, gender, disability, or economic status. Such practices will exclude anyone who engages in them. This organization abides by The Americans with Disabilities Act.

A new member MUST review and SIGN The Gardens Plot Lease Application form and The Gardens Release form before he/she can work on his/her parcel. A new set of rules and a new release form must be signed at the beginning of each year.

Violations/Termination of Membership

​When a member is not in compliance with any of the Operating Rules and Regulations, he/she will be issued a letter of Non-Compliance and will be given three weeks to correct the situation. If the issue is not rectified, a second letter of Non-Compliance will be issued and the member will be given one week to remedy the situation. If the problem has not been corrected by the end of that week, a Notice of NonCompliance and Eviction will be sent and the member will have one week to relinquish the parcel back to the Rangely Community Garden. Anything in The Gardens parcel that has not been removed by that time will be subject to disposition by The Committee of The Gardens.
  • ​​Issuance of 3 letters of Non-Compliance to any one member in a 4 month growing season will result in termination of membership. Correction of a problem identified in a notice will not cancel the notice and the notice will be counted. Verbal notices are not counted in the three notice rule.
  •  New members will be on probation for a period of two months, during which time his/her membership may be terminated for cause upon unanimous vote of The Committee. Such cause may include any one violation of the Rules and Regulations.
  •  Gardens members who do not complete their required community garden area service by the end of the season will be subject to losing their garden privileges.
  •  Membership in The Gardens may be terminated if false information is given.
  •  Annual fees not paid by the end of the grace period will result in termination of gardening privileges.
  •  A gardener whose membership has been terminated may re-apply after one year. Termination for drinking alcohol, using drugs, planting marijuana or other illegal plants, or stealing will result in the permanent loss of membership
Fees and Payments

​Annual parcel lease fees are $65 - $85 depending on size of plot and are prorated for membership after Jul 1. A $15.00 discount per season is given to seniors (65+) leasing a parcel.

​Please not that gardeners, for any reason opting to leave The Gardens before the end of the season, forfeit their plot payment.

​A one-time $15.00 refundable deposit is required per parcel for any repairs of sprinkling system, fencing, or equipment. Deposits are returned when a member leaves The Gardens and his/her parcel has been completely cleared of any dead vegetation or gardening materials. Fencing and irrigation systems may be left in place by a departing gardener if those items are in good working order. 

​Refunds will be issued after inspection and approval by a The Committee member or designee. The member must contact The Committee to receive the refunded deposit. If labor is required to clear and remove property or garden surplus, rubbish or materials, the member will be charged at an hourly rate for removal. Please note that gardeners opting to leave The Gardens before the end of the season are not eligible to receive a refund.

​Payments by personal check should be made payable to Rangely Community Gardens.

​Any returned checks fee imposed by the bank will be the responsibility of the member, plus a charge of $10.00 for handling.

​Fees are payable on an announced and published schedule for the ensuing year. Current year’s memberships expire at midnight, March 31st. There is a grace period of 30 days. Annual fees not paid by the end of the grace period may result in termination of gardening privileges.

​The annual fees and refundable deposit may be waived by The Committee for school or other groups that benefit the community, or in cases of hardship, as adjudged by The Committee. 

​ A gardener whose membership has been terminated may re-apply after one year. Termination for drinking alcohol, using drugs, or stealing will result in the permanent loss of membership. 


​In case of an emergency within the gardens, such as the presence of flooding, uncontrolled watering, fire, unauthorized entry, or other such events, any member on site may take appropriate corrective action in consideration of the welfare of the gardens and/or its members as a whole. The incident and any action taken should be reported immediately to a committee member.

​An unforeseen situation might arise that would prevent adherence to these agreed-upon responsibilities. If such an incident does occur, please notify The Committee.

​If your garden produces more than your needs, you are encouraged to contribute a portion of the harvest to an agency that will channel the surplus to those who need it.


​The Steering Committee determines its meeting schedule and method. Meeting times and changes in the meeting schedule are decided by majority vote. The number of Committee members is determined by The Committee and may change depending on retirement and on the needs of The Gardens as viewed by The Committee.

​General Membership Meetings are held at least annually at the beginning of the growing season (April/May) and if necessary at the end of the growing season (Sept/Oct) .

​To bring any concerns or questions before The Committee in person, call the Committee Chair to be added to the agenda. Letters may be sent to:
Rangely Community Gardens
P.O. Box 224 Rangely, CO 81648

Members are invited to call any Committee member to express concerns or comments.

Members may also leave comments or concerns in “GARDENS SUGGESTION BOX” located in the main garden shed NE corner of The Gardens.


Rules Adopted November 14, 2013
Rules Amended
February 10, 2014
April 10, 2014
​July 12, 2017
The Gardens Steering Committee