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Where we are.

The Gardens is located next to the Camper Park, cade corner from Fire Department . 
This organization started in 2009 and expanding ever since!  We are always looking for volunteers and gardeners, whether they are experienced or beginners! 

What we do.

The Rangely Community Gardens grow a tremendous amount of produce each year and also help educate the community, especially children, about  what their food looks like and how it grows. As well as providing the community with freshly grown produce all summer long. 

What Makes us great!

The Garden is divided into six areas, including individual plots as well as the community portion of the garden where every gardener and volunteer puts in effort that benefits the community. Produce is donated to local non profits and food banks and by donation to the community at Nichols Store located on Main Street. All proceeds go back to The Gardens to help it grow and develop each year.